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Month: August 2016

“It’s all about the Okanagan Wine Art. You’re famous for it. You’re so famous, even I have heard of you.”

So says my new Blog Boss, who heard of me when I called her for help. She goes on to say, “get busy! Blog about your art, talk about the Okanagan, say something about wine.”

redneck with sleeves torn off and beer bottle glares into into a glass of wine.
The Quinessential Redneck

I resisted for years because ‘Blog’ isn’t an actual word so much as a guttural muttering, similar to the sound a redneck makes by cupping a hand under his armpit and pumping the arm up and down. That’s why so many rednecks tear their sleeves off – so they can get at their armpits. Blog. It turns out this pathetic sound actually denotes a Commentary. In my case, it’s to be an Okanagan Wine Art commentary.

The conversation with my wife went like this: “Dolly, I need food.”

“So go sell some art while I boil you some potatoes.”

I whined, “I’m trying, but the buyers are all texting and facebooking and wine touring and being everywhere except in our Art Gallery! Some of them are even bl***ing.”

“You need to seize their attention – so hire an attention-seizing expert!”