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Month: August 2016

“It’s all about the Okanagan Wine Art. You’re famous for it. You’re so famous, even I have heard of you.”

The Quintessential Redneck
The Quintessential Redneck

So says my new Blog Boss, who heard of me when I called her for help. She goes on to say, “get busy! Blog about your art, talk about the Okanagan, say something about wine.”

I resisted for years because ‘Blog’ isn’t an actual word so much as a guttural muttering, similar to the sound a redneck makes by cupping a hand under his armpit and pumping the arm up and down. That’s why so many rednecks tear their sleeves off – so they can get at their armpits. Blog. It turns out this pathetic sound actually denotes a Commentary. In my case, it’s to be an Okanagan Wine Art commentary.

The conversation with my wife went like this: “Dolly, I need food.”

“So go sell some art while I boil you a potato.”

I whined, “I’m trying, but the buyers are all texting and facebooking and wine touring and being everywhere except in our Art Gallery! Some of them are even bl***ing.”

“You need to seize their attention – so hire an attention-seizing expert!”