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Month: December 2016

The Innkeeper’s Christmas

by Rick Cogbill and Will Enns

            I don’t know why, but sometimes Dolly treats me like a small child.  

 ‘Buck Pincher, will you stop poking the presents?’ my wife Dolly scolded.

‘You can’t find out what you’re getting till tomorrow morning. Why don’t you pour us some eggnog to sip while we watch the Grinch steal Christmas!’

As I lingered, she added, ‘One more sleep and you’ll see what St. Nick has for you! And you have to promise that you won’t get up before dawn again.’

Later, as I drifted of to be with the the sandman, I thought it would be nice if on this Christmas Eve, there would not be a midnight check-in to spoil my beauty rest.

        Suddenly, a shrill screech set my nerve endings vibrating like tuning forks.