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Month: May 2017

Haute Couture… Okanagan… ?

What could I possibly know about glamor, you ask?

Not much, but in my corner is Rachel, of Atelier Jensen, makers of bespoke women’s clothing in The Windy City.  Rachel’s authority on couture is irrefutable.

I can hear the muscle-shirts from the back of the peanut gallery. “Hey, your Blog is supposed to be about Wine and Art in the Okanagan. We’re not interested in magnificent women or gorgeous clothing. We don’t even care for wine. What we want is beer! We want beer!

If that’s you, press the ‘Flush Me’ button at the bottom.

A keen observer might point out that in my school years, I scarcely knew what girls were, much less how a fellow of my ilk should behave, should his arm ever be graced by some stunning enchantress.

Just so. Ipso facto. Mais oui.